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$39.00 Event date: 14/05/2019 10:00 a.m. - 12:00 p.m. Export event
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The Power of Effective Communication Workshop
Sara Mason
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The Power of Effective Communication Workshop

Tuesday 14 May 10am - 12pm, Whangaparaoa Community Hub

Have you ever said the same thing to two people and received two totally different reactions? Honestly how can saying the same words produce such different reactions in different people? "Why did they do that?" or "What were they thinking to react that way to me?"

These days it’s vital we get workplace communication right as we need to communicate with our peers, managers, clients and of course our customers in the right way. Communication is complex - it’s not just words, tone and body language, there’s also another layer - each person ‘hears’ or ‘filters’ you differently based on their behavioural style!

This interactive workshop by Biz Briefcase will give you greater insight into your own communication style and that of others, to help improve interactions and results!

Tuesday 14 May 10am - 12pm, Whangaparaoa Community Hub, 707 Whangaparaoa Rd
Just $39 per person secures your place at this engaging and practical workshop, delivered by Whangaparaoa local Becky Carr from Biz Briefcase.

BizBriefcase was founded in 2003 by experienced top Sales person (for over seven years!) and Australasian Training Manager, of a world-renowned psychometrics company, Becky Carr.

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