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Future Whangaparaoa
Claire Conza
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Future Whangaparaoa

Making good stuff happen on the coast.

Future Whangaparāoa

As with the development of many community groups, Future Whangaparāoa grew out of a local desire to resolve a single issue - in this case the increasing incidence of grafiti in the Whangaparāoa town centre.  A group of diverse community people came together to organsise a large mural to be designed and painted with local youth, which improved the situation.  The group then started to discuss other local issues and ask the question – what is the future of Whangaparāoa.  We wanted to know what the wider community envisaged for the future of the area, and set a timeframe of fifteen years to 2030.  The Whangaparāoa 2030 community visioning engaged local people in conversations and sort feedback on community outcomes and priorities.  This included a stakeholder workshop and a community roadshow that went to five locations on the Whangaparāoa Peninsula.  As a result the below community vision was developed:

Our Vision – The Whangaparāoa Pensinsula Community is strong, safe and supported; violence free and well connected; supports local business and innovation; values and supports young people; cares about health and well-being; values and cares for our beaches, streams and bush, and; works together.    

Since then Future Whangaparāoa has been working on moving forward some of the priority issues that were identified through the process.  This includes developing a Whangaparāoa website, working with the Local Board to engage the community in conversations about the development of the Whangaparāoa town centre and library space, establishing a Community Activator role, moving forward the establishment of a Community Hub and bringing local business together to develop a business network.

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