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Future Whangaparaoa Business Network Event
Claire Conza
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Future Whangaparaoa Business Network Event

Collaborating to form a Business Network in Whangaparaoa

Future Whangaparāoa Business Network Event

Future Whangaparaoa (FW) hosted a business network breakfast event on Thursday 5th October at the Hibiscus Coast RSA that was well attended by around 50 people.

Thank you all who made the time to be there and support. For those who the timing did not suit we will try an evening next time and try to mix it up.

The attendees heard from the FW team on their progress over the last couple of years leading to this event and facilitated a group planning session on what a Whangaparaoa Business Association could look like after sharing the mandate to form one.

This new website was presented with over 400 community organisations and businesses listed with Janet Fitzgerald from local board, saying a few words in support.

There was a very positive vibe with some great ideas being shared and a steering group being formed by some attendees to work towards the establishment of a Business Association.

See notes from the event below for more detail.

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